DETAILS :: Ty’s FD RX-7 From Down Under

DETAILS :: Ty’s FD RX-7 From Down Under

‘Perfection’ by definition means the highest or most near perfect degree of quality or trait. Perfect or perfection is a word used very rarely within the modifying world where everyone wants to be faster, lower, wider etc. It’s all too common to hear snowballing stories of builds starting at wheels and end up being trailer queens. This is not the case with Ty’s RX-7. From the start of the build the direction was clear, to be perfect and stop at that. Basically every inch of this 2000 RX-7 FD3S has been touched. byron hayes fd rx 7 fitted life (4)

The body of an RX-7 always has the eyes wondering, but when you push the rear guards out another 30mm a side and settle on a set of custom Rays CN28Ns under the guards, your jaw starts to quiver. The rims weigh in at a crowd pleasing setup of F 18×9.5 +22 and R 19×10.5 +12 and dripped over with a custom hue of blood orange.

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After wiping that small little bit of something from the side of your mouth, you now realise that small pain in your back has been caused by your body following your eyes to the side profile of the car and now you have come to a weird standing horizontal position that really isn’t a normal human movement. The Kei Office Adjustable Coilovers is the cause for the reduced ride height and the Super Now Adjustable Tie Rod Ends, Traction Rods and Toe Rods help being prepared for all occasions. The FEED Afflux Sideskirts, FEED Vented Bonnet, RE-Amemiya Street Diffuser, Low Pro Rear Wing, 3-Piece Front Undertray/Diffuser and Shaved Rear Wiper, Squirters and Rear Wing seem to hold you in this same position for an eternity of perfection.

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The remedy to your now weird walk and sore mouth can only be solved by settling one of the BRIDE GIAS Low Max Carbon Kevlar Seats which have been finished in red. The SABELT 3″ 4 Point Harnesses help prepare you in your seat along with the Cusco 6-Point Bolt-In Rollcage and the Custom Triangulated Rigidity/Harness Bar Rear which now surrounds you. You grab on to the Nardi Deep Corn wheel, turn the key (if Ty lets you) with the help of the HALTECH Platinum Sport 1000 ECU and HKS Twin Power DLI Ignition. At that point, you will then hear the Aeromotive A1000 Fuel Pump begin to work in conduction with the same branded pressure regulator, 100 micron Stainless Steel Element Fuel Filter, CJ-Motorsport Primary & Secondary Fuel Rails and either the 4x Siemens 1000cc Injectors for Pump Fuel or 4x Bosch 1600cc Injectors (needed for E85/High Boost Tune). The distinct noise of a Primary Bridgeported 13B with Large Exhaust Porting starts to tremble throughout your stomach and you realise lunch could be at threat.

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The list for the build of this engine is extensive and there were no short cuts taken. The main components that have now hurt your neck and made you just a little more deaf are from the Garrett T04Z Single Turbo with 1.0 Split Pulse Exhaust Housing. The HPC ceramic coated upper/lower inlet manifold, dump pipe, and coated custom manifold with screamer pipe sends a deafening ring through your ears. Also, we mustn’t forget about the Tial 44mm External Wastegate and FEED 3″ Exhaust System & Muffler. To help cool this animal which sounds like its about to eat up a small child from the side of the road, a Trust Front Mount, Throttle Body Elbow and Aluminium Wide Tube Radiator are positioned at the front of the car. The sun rays are drawn away by the amount of polished parts from Alternator, Billet Pulleys and obvious polished manifolds hovering above this engine.

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This is where the overwhelming experience of 400 HP @ 15 PSI on pump fuel (500 HP @ 21psi on E85) perfection only begins to grow and be shared. The pursuit of perfection has been completed, it is perfect in degrees of quality and nothing else is needed to be changed but as you can tell, it may come at a price. You will walk funny, be hard at hearing for some time, crazy wandering eyes, potentially have some of your lunch remaining around your mouth and shirt.’ve adopted a small child along the way.

:. Byron Hayes

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