Fitted Life At FAME 2013

If you’re following me on Instagram (@fittedlife) then you probably were hoping that my last post late Friday night would have a desirable outcome for the 240sx. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to drop the motor in as we were having some (or a ton of) issues getting the method right. I have a couple of ideas why the motor didn’t want to go in, but we’ll save that for a later discussion. So at 4AM Saturday morning, I decided to call it off, get some rest (4 hours to be exact), pack up the merch and booth, and head over to San Jose. fitted life at fame 2013(1)

Because we didn’t finish the S14 in time, I decided to bring the E30 for showcase, which almost broke down on us halfway from Sacramento to San Jose. on the way to the event, we ran in to tons of traffic jams due to accidents. With the constant stop and go traffic and the incredibly hot weather, the E30 started to trip out, overheat, and eventually triggered an array of BMW sensors that caused the car to defunct on the side of the road. We managed to drive the car slowly to the next exit where I did an on-the-spot coolant bleed and somehow got the car to run “decently.”

fitted life at fame 2013(2)

Due to the delay, we ended up making it to FAME 1 1/2 hours before the event began. We were hustling to setup the exhibit and we managed to do a swell job. I was really happy how everything turned out, especially since this was the first time with the new booth setup.

fitted life at fame 2013(3)

Fame 2013 would mark the second time we attended this event and it was such an amazing experience. From the wide variety of artists and vendors to the great music, FAME is a must-go for creatives living in the bay area. Here are a few more photos from our time at FAME.

fitted life at fame 2013(4)

fitted life at fame 2013(5)

fitted life at fame 2013(6)

fitted life at fame 2013(7)

fitted life at fame 2013(8)

fitted life at fame 2013(9)

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fitted life at fame 2013(11)

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